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Benjamin Hill

Ben Hill

I have been a carpenter / joiner for 12 years. It has always been something that has interested me since visiting the joiners shop under my father’s office when I was a child; the smell and being knee deep in shanvings with the wood burner in the corner. Something know my daughter might remember when she is older!

Woodworking, architecture and furniture design are a really big part of my life and I fell incredibly fortunate to be able to do the job I do. I hope this comes across in my work!

When not in the workshop I like to spend time with my wife and daughter, walk are two crazy dogs that come to the workshop on “quiet” days ! and occasionally get a chance to surf and windsurf.


Owen Thomas

We love our workshop !! Our joinery shop is housed in an 1834 stone grain drying barn set in the open country side of the south down national park. The barn gives us enough space to take on large projects while the fields and landscape around the workshop keep us well grounded and stress free. If you get a chance to come and visit please do ! If you like old buildings the barn has had many additions and changes over the years I am still find patches to the stone work I never knew were there. We are also only 5 minutes from Petworth which if you have never been is well worth a visit.